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St. Louis County Recycle Wizard

Recycle Wizard is a search tool created for residents to learn where and how to dispose of items such as household hazardous waste, electronics, appliances, etc. Recycle Wizard offers suggestions such as drop-off locations, backyard composting, curbside collections notes, etc. Type in the Wizard search bar below to find out where your items go!  If you still have questions please contact St. Louis County at or 314-615-8958.

TechRemove LLC

Business Electronics Recycling
We offer scalable solutions to meet the needs for your business’s electronics disposal needs. TechRemove can help your business recycle affordably while also being responsible and safe. We offer services such as pickups, bulk electronics purchasing, data destruction, and recycle-by-mail services.

Electronics Recycling Pickup - Call For A Custom Solution
We offer affordable solutions for your organization to dispose of your eWaste. We offer pickup solutions to meet your organization’s disposal needs. Sometimes, pickup may be free depending on equipment quantity.

Community Events - Schedule A Pickup
We offer solutions for community organizations, cities, and other local organizations to dispose of eWaste in a responsible way. Check out our Community Events page to see what TechRemove can do for you.


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Missouri Recycling Association

MORA provides value by connecting people, offering industry insights, and influencing policy to support our economy and business in extracting the highest and best use of materials at end of life.