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VIDEOS - SWMD Grantees
KSHE 95 - Recycle & Rock for the Planet!
Republic Services - Recycling Simplified
Home Sweet Home - Furnishing Hope
Teachers Recycle Center 3D Printing
Preparing Soda Bottles for 3D Printing
Perennial City
Always Green Recycling
St. Louis ArtWorks
St. Louis Composting
Leftovers, etc.
Ripple Glass
Republic Recycling - Where does our recycling go?

District Grantees 2019-2023
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Where to Recycle - Resources for Recycling in Your Area
St. Louis County Recycle Wizard
St. Louis City Recycles
St. Louis City Drop-Off Locations
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
St. Charles County - Recycle Works - Central
St. Charles County - Recycle Works West
Jefferson County Recycling Locations
Byrnes Mill Recycling Center

Articles/Local Media/Publications
Feature Articles in The St. Louis Healthy Planet Magazine
The District sponsors a full-page in The Healthy Planet Magazine to highlight grantees for Earth Day and America Recycles Day each year.

April 2023
Teachers Recycle Center
City Sewing Room
Bicycle Works

November 2022
Home Sweet Home - Furnishing Hope for Families & the Environment
Missouri Kids Unplugged - Less Time with Electronics - More Time Outdoors
America Recycles Day - November 15th & Every Day
Too Good to Waste - Reducing Food Waste

April 2022 (online magazine)
OneSTL-Brightside - Plastic Bags & Wraps Contamination
Perennial City - Coming Full Circle into their 5th Year
Republic Services - Make Your Spring Cleaning More Sustainable

November 2021 (online magazine)

One STL - Contamination of Plastic Bags in Recycling
Midwest Recycling Center (MRC) - Electronic Waste
Missouri Product Stewardship - Missouri Organizations Working Together
Perennial - Creative to Host Safe Clothing Swaps
America Recycles Day & Missouri Recycles Day

April 2021 (online magazine)
ArtWorks - Spring Art Apprenticeship Program
Sustainable Backyards - Canceling In-Person Tour
Central Paper Stock - Bright Future for Recycling as Economy Improves
Refab - Builds with Reclaimed Wood

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Education, Sustainability, and Learning Sessions
OneSTL Sustainability Labs
Washington University - What is Single-Stream Recycling

State and National Programs and News
Missouri Recycling Association (MORA)
2022 Earth Day Showcase Videos
2023 Earth Day Showcase Videos
Keep America Beautiful