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Learn about the different organizations in your area where you can donate or recycle your unwanted items...SUSTAINABLY!

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Community Resources 

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Perennial City - Home Compost Pick-Up in St. Louis

Since 2017, Perennial City has been on a mission to help transform vacant, unused land into beautiful and productive urban farms.

This is made possible by your support of Perennial City Composting!

Subscribing with us doesn't just keep those valuable scraps out of the landfill and offset literal tons of carbon emissions every week‚ÄĒyour finished compost serves as the foundation for growing a more vibrant and healthier St. Louis through urban food production. We're excited to grow with you!

Sustainable Backyard Network

The Sustainable Backyard Tour is an annual chance to talk to neighbors about organic gardening, permaculture, native plants, rainscaping, renewable energy, chicken coops, beehives, rain gardens, pollinator gardens, and much more. The tour is self-guided and there is no starting point. Ideally, you’ll enjoy yards near your home or close together, because with dozens of yards to choose from, you simply can’t see them all in one day.

Beyond the Tour, the Sustainable Backyard Network organizes smaller events throughout the year, including co-hosting a monthly Green Drinks gathering with fellow St. Louis non-profit, Earthday365. Our volunteers and hosts also attend many other earth care events throughout the region, so be sure to say hello when you see us.


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Did You Know?


Recycle clean plastic film along with your bags - in your local grocery store plastic bag collection bin!

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New Ripple Glass bins now in St. Louis - Webster Groves & Maplewood!